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GB-8713424-D0: Shoe patent, GB-8714060-D0: Determination of parameters of textiles test goods patent, GB-8714153-D0: Fabric folder patent, GB-8714277-D0: Jacks patent, GB-8714473-D0: Holiday calendar patent, GB-8714727-D0: Infra-red radiation detector patent, GB-8716874-D0: Countercurrent gas treatment of metallurgical melts patent, GB-8717228-D0: Friction clutch patent, GB-8717488-D0: Steel production patent, GB-8718311-D0: Shutter door assembly patent, GB-8718898-D0: Gaiter patent, GB-8719189-D0: Treatment patent, GB-8719314-D0: Hypoadherant dressings patent, GB-8719725-D0: Personal identification patent, GB-8720138-D0: Cleaning surfaces of objects patent, GB-8720719-D0: Chemical process patent, GB-8720999-D0: Collecting bag for body fluids patent, GB-8721254-D0: Anal plug electrode patent, GB-8721992-D0: Thermostat means for engine cooling systems patent, GB-8722352-D0: Post patent, GB-8722567-D0: Ticketing patent, GB-8722659-D0: Nail & toilet brushes patent, GB-8722978-D0: Connecting device patent, GB-8723060-D0: Ventilating fan control arrangement patent, GB-8723933-D0: Controlling vehicle power window regulators patent, GB-8724188-D0: Packaging patent, GB-8724461-D0: Assay method patent, GB-8725784-D0: Air valve patent, GB-8725875-D0: Antibiotic compositions patent, GB-8725892-D0: Lighting system for bicycles patent, GB-8725944-D0: Field-effect transistors patent, GB-8726061-D0: Continuous pressure filter patent, GB-8726290-D0: Containers patent, GB-8726291-D0: Graphic display apparatus patent, GB-8726810-D0: Heel guard patent, GB-8727741-D0: Improvements in and relating to a trailer roof patent, GB-8727975-D0: Gas pressure regulator patent, GB-8728373-D0: Arrangement for testing integrated circuits patent, GB-8728870-D0: Process for conversion of coal & gypsum to valuable products patent, GB-8728958-D0: Fabric softening additive for detergent compositions patent, GB-8728981-D0: Stimulation of plant growth patent, GB-8729500-D0: Game patent, GB-8729862-D0: Rotary printing machine with selectively connectible printing unit patent, GB-8729880-D0: Exercising device patent, GB-8800093-D0: Nappies patent, GB-8800525-D0: Oil/water purifying apparatus patent, GB-8800863-D0: Reinforced plastic christmas tree disposable bag patent, GB-8801649-D0: Exercise device patent, GB-8801906-D0: Games tables patent, GB-8802860-D0: Bonding thermoplastic materials patent, GB-8802988-D0: Turbocharged compound cycle ducted fan engine system patent, GB-8803024-D0: Transmitter controller patent, GB-8803702-D0: Thin light blocking layers patent, GB-8804026-D0: Sanitary products patent, GB-8804602-D0: Controllable electric heater patent, GB-8805542-D0: Electroacoustic transducer and sonar antenna equipped with such a transducer patent, GB-8805815-D0: Injection device patent, GB-8806481-D0: Treatment of ulcers patent, GB-8806815-D0: Supat bath seat patent, GB-8807905-D0: Wall tiles patent, GB-8807999-D0: Improvements in/relating to automatic milking apparatus patent, GB-8809101-D0: Head connecting flexible flat cable for tape recorder of automatic reversing type patent, GB-8810024-D0: Single locking pipes connector patent, GB-8810522-D0: Heat recoverable article patent, GB-8811172-D0: Emergency breathing apparatus patent, GB-8811278-D0: Dodgem car arena patent, GB-8811543-D0: Pressure measuring device patent, GB-8813792-D0: Manufacture of elongate flexible core for optical cable patent, GB-8813988-D0: Frequency modulator patent, GB-8814008-D0: Lubricating oil additives patent, GB-8814229-D0: Improved catalyst patent, GB-8814790-D0: Metal coating patent, GB-8814900-D0: Winding/unwinding apparatus patent, GB-8814992-D0: Disconnectable fluid dispenser coupling patent, GB-8815129-D0: Bridges patent, GB-8816191-D0: A interface between two media patent, GB-8816509-D0: Surgical instrument patent, GB-8817712-D0: Improvements in & relating to method of constructing centripetal axial fans/pumps for handling large volumes of both gaseous & liquid mediums patent, GB-8817787-D0: Allan, d t air tool with anvil type valve having sealing ring patent, GB-8818842-D0: Ultraviolet disinfector for telephones patent, GB-8819208-D0: Fish catch store for boats patent, GB-8819986-D0: T v dinner tray 11 patent, GB-8820111-D0: Two chambered can & method for forming can patent, GB-8820752-D0: Methods & apparatus for fitting sealing & trimming strips patent, GB-8820842-D0: Improvements in & relating to power generation patent, GB-8821443-D0: Water soluble monoesters as solubilisers for pharmacologically active compounds & pharmaceutical excipients patent, GB-8821481-D0: Data communication apparatus patent, GB-8824489-D0: Package boiler with inclined straight water tubes patent, GB-8825075-D0: Measurement of weight of bulk materials patent, GB-8825128-D0: Apparatus & method for disposal of contaminated/dangerous articles patent, GB-8826485-D0: Optical communication system patent, GB-8827231-D0: Marine propulsion device hydraulic system patent, GB-8827476-D0: Marker pen & ink composition therefor patent, GB-8827641-D0: Medicaments patent, GB-8827693-D0: Rota dibber patent, GB-8827856-D0: Nuclear reactor steam generator & method of operation thereof patent, GB-8827857-D0: Method & apparatus for effecting recovery of heat shrinkable sleeves patent, GB-8828053-D0: Accelerator devised in/for fluid flow system patent, GB-8828253-D0: Torsion damping device of large angular displacement particularly friction clutch especially for automotive vehicle patent, GB-8829728-D0: Rotating cylinder valve patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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